About RIfS

RIfS is a core project of the WCRP, intended to help advance international collaboration and consensus on bridging the gap between climate research and climate information used to make decisions.

RIfS pays special attention to building local capacity to empower researchers to work within their own regional contexts with decision-makers.

RIfS is the umbrella entity in which two other projects are housed: CORDEX (the Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment), along with the new Global Extremes Platform (GEP, in development).

Why was RIfS created?

RIfS was created to help bridge the gap between climate science research and societal applications across the WCRP, and in collaboration with partners inside and outside of climate research.


Scientific Steering Group

RIfS is governed by a scientific steering group (SSG). More information.

International Project Office

The international project office (IPO) is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. More information.

Science and Implementation Plan

Read more about our structure and goals in this document.

RIfS is a Core Project of:

The RIfS International Project Office is supported by:


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