What kinds of activities does RIfS do?

RIfS supports and builds on existing WCRP projects as test cases for co-production of regional information, with the goal of more widespread integration of societal elements in WCRP research.

RIfS also pursues overarching activities that:

  • map barriers and challenges to the adoption of regional information for decision-making;
  • advance consensus on best-practices.

To that end of establishing consensus approaches, an expert meeting is being held on the Robustness of Climate Change Information for Decisions in 2024. This will launch an activity around addressing non-congruencies in data sources for applied work, and the related ethical issues.

RIfS may launch other activities consistent with its Science and Implementation Plan, which establishes four key clusters of activity:

  1. regional climate information and projections,
  2. seasonal to decadal predictability,
  3. weather and climate extremes, and
  4. communication and societal engagement.


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